Let's Party!!

Algebra Level 2

It was the time when I was traveling in the secunderabad-bound Duronto express (It's an Indian train), i met a strange family. We got mixed up after a while and were having fun. Then after sometime , I took out my birthday cake and thought of equally sharing with them.

Mr. Vaibhav, the man with whom I was sharing the compartment had six daughters each of whom had a brother. Mr. Vaibhav denied to have the cake. I took out the knife and decided to divide the cake into some parts so that all the kids and I can eat the cake.

Now if i need to divide the cake into even number of pieces i quickly do it, but if I had to cut the cake into odd number of pieces, I cut it into (n+1) parts and eat 2 pieces myself (in order to conceal my really bad cutting skills).

If I divided the cake into Y pieces and took the minimum possible Z slices to divide the cake into Y parts. What is Y+Z?

Hints: 1) A slice refers to a cut. For ex. the first slice can cut the cake to 2 pieces.


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