Liars Everywhere!

Logic Level 2

You are travelling and come across a road division. You don't know which of the two roads to take. You see two people around there. One of them always lies and the other always speaks the truth, whatever you ask them. Now what is the minimum number of total questions you need to ask them to get your correct path if we assume that they both know the correct answer and you don't know who speaks truth and who lies?

P.S. You can ask yes/ no questions ONLY. i.e., questions with answer either yes or no. You can't ask other type of questions.

C'mon.. You obviously don't have and maps (not even google maps!) Otherwise you'll get the answer wrong.

And oh. please! You can't test who is the liar and who is the truthful one by asking questions like are you a man and all... Otherwise you'll get the answer wrong.


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