Life Situation 2: Tiring Chores

Logic Level 1

It is 11 p.m. and you want to sleep, but your parents want you to finish some chores. There are 5 chores and the amount of time needed to finish each chore.

  • 3 minutes: Putting the clothes to the dryer

  • 14 minutes: Dry the clothes using the dryer

  • 3 minutes: Taking the clothes out of the dryer

  • 5 minutes: Take the trash out

  • 9 minutes: Wash the dishes by hand

Some chores do not require you to be there till it is done so you can do the other chores, e.g. You can wash the dishes while the clothes are being dried in the dryer. Some chores also need to be done before the other chores

You are very tired and want to finish the chores as fast as possible. What is the least amount of time needed to finish all the chores?


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