Logic Problem #1

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There are two people, Jerry and Matthew. Jerry lives in the illustrious city of Paradise, and Matthew lives in the devastating city of Notparadise. There is a bridge that connects the two cities. In the middle of the bridge, there are 3 trolls.

Troll 1: "If Jerry gets on, Matthew will push Jerry off the bridge, but if Matthew gets on the bridge, Jerry will push him off."

Troll 2: "Troll 1 is a complete liar. Everything he says is false."

Troll 3: "What I am about to say is not true: Jerry won't push Matthew off.

If there are 2 COMPLETELY truthful trolls, and 1 COMPLETE liar troll, who are the two truthful trolls?

Truthful means EVERYTHING said is true Liar means EVERYTHING said is false


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