Macho motorcyclists, terrifying trio, riled resident

Logic Level 2

One day, after seeing their sister, Brenda, dressed to the nines, Charles, Darius and Alfred experienced raging hormones and so wanted to show off to her how powerful their three motorbikes were. They raced down the street at top speeds and revved their engines along the way. However, a bad-tempered resident along the street got extremely fed up with the sheer noise of the engine and stormed out of his house, only to see one motorbike zooming into the distance.

Another time, he bumped into the three boys and suspected ONE of them rode past his house. He asked which of them rode past his house and here were their answers:

  • Charles (pointing to Darius) - "He did it."

  • Darius - "I did not do it."

  • Alfred - "I did not do it."

Only ONE of the three was telling the truth. Who actually angered the resident?


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