Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat) Triple Trouble

Logic Level 2

The Lucky Cat, or Maneki Neko, is a traditional Japanese symbol representing good fortune.

The three Lucky Cats in this problem are wise beings who normally answer any question you have truthfully, but two of the Lucky Cats in this problem have been cursed by evil spirits who always lie. The only way to free them from the spirits is by figuring out the liars.

You decide to ask the first Maneki Neko, 'Are you cursed?' to which he responds, 'No.'

You ask the second Maneki Neko the same question, and she responds, 'No, the first one of us is.'

You ask the third Maneki Neko the same question as well, but his speech is muffled and you do not hear his response properly. You decide ask the other Lucky Cats what he said.

The first responds, 'He said yes.' The second responds, 'He said no, and accused me of being cursed.'

Who's cursed?


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