Matchstick Problem - 4

The number 8549 shown in the picture above is formed by 22 matchsticks.

If you can shift exactly 2 matchsticks to another position, then what will be the smallest\color{#69047E} {\text {smallest}} square\color{#69047E} {\text{square}} of the positive integers you can make?

As an explicit example, suppose you can make 1000, 2000 & 3000, then the answer will be 10002=1000000\boldsymbol {1000 ^{2}=1000000}

Details and Assumptions:

  • All kinds of trick out of mathematics such as breaking or burning the matchsticks are not allowed.

  • The digits formed by the matchsticks should be like the LED digits commonly used in calculators & LED watches. Here is an image you can follow:

Warning: This question is kind of troll. Read the rules carefully and think twice before you answer.


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