Mate In 3

It is White's move. What must White play in order to mate in 3?

The bottom left corner square has coordinates (1,1)(1, 1). Each piece has a value: Queen=10\text{Queen}=10, Rook=5\text{Rook}=5, Pawn=1\text{Pawn}=1 and King=4\text{King}=4.

Submit your answer as V×x1×y1V\times { x }_{ 1 }\times { y }_{ 1 }, where VV denotes the value of the piece that White must move and the coordinates of the square where it has to go are (x1,y1)\left( { x }_{ 1 },{ y }_{ 1 } \right) .

Clarification: Black plays optimally.

This is the second problem of the set Mate

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