Math in Daily Life: Walking to Work

Geometry Level 3

In order to get to work everyday, I drive my car on the highway. First, from home, I drive North for 4 miles. Then I turn right and drive for 5 miles. On average, I drive 30 mph the whole way. (Because of the daily rush hour.)

Later, a new subway was just finished, and provides an easier and quicker way for me to get to work. However, I have to walk to the newly constructed subway station. I bike on average 22 feet per second. The distance from the subway station to the intersection where I would usually turn right if I was driving my car is 19800 feet. The subway train runs 30 mph on average, and makes 1 minute stops at each station. There are 4 stations in-between the station I get on the subway train and the station I get off of to go to work.

Is taking the subway to work faster than driving my car to work? If so, by how many seconds?


  • Do not include the time used in-between to start the car, walk into the station and train, walk to work, turn the car, back out of the driveway, etc.

  • Nothing special is going on.

  • Average speed is consistent throughout the ride to work.


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