Math of Voting: Voting Paradoxes

Suppose three people rank the ice cream flavors C, S, and V (chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla) in the following way:

Chet: S > C > V

Omari: C > V > S

Taj: V > S > C

Only one flavor can be bought for a party, so they're going up for a series of runoff votes. That is, two of the flavors will be pitted against each other in a vote, and the winner will face the remaining flavor in a final vote.

For example, if C faces V in a vote, Chet and Omari prefer C to V so that C will win. Then C faces off against S in a vote; since Chet and Taj prefer S to C, S wins the final vote.

If the runoffs can happen in any order, is there a way for chocolate (C) to win the final vote?


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