Maths - The Best Hacking Tool

Algebra Level 5

Once Nihar, the hacker claimed that he can know the number of views of each and every problem on Brilliant. But then Azhaghu was confused and thought how can Nihar do this? Then Nihar said that he has a special "hacking tool" for getting the number of views. Azhaghu was too much eager to know that tool, hence Adarsh told Azhaghu that the hacking tool was nothing but maths! Indeed Adarsh had figured out the trick. Adarsh observed that a person who solves a problem gets to know about the number of solvers and the percentage of people who were able/not able to solve that problem.

So, if a certain problem shows that xx people have solved and y%y\% of people were not able to solve the problem , So can you determine the number of views of the problem?

Details And Assumptions:

  • Assume that there is not such problem having y=0 or 100y=0 \ or \ 100 and x=0x=0 or x=1x= 1.

  • Note that the solver's number includes the problem poster himself and you must not include him in the number of solvers.

  • "[ ]\left[ \ \right]" denotes the nearest integer function. (Or you would get solvers in fractions!)

  • As a continued exercise, you can verify the formula for this problem after solving it.

Based on true events.

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