May the Potential Energy be with you!

A chain of mass 5 kg\underline{\red{5 \text{ kg}}} of uniform density is kept above the surface of the Earth in the form of a quarter circle of radius π m\underline{\red{{\pi \text{ m}}}} as shown in the figure. Find the total potential energy of the chain at this position, in joules, upto 2 decimal places.

Details and assumptions.\underline{\red{\text{Details and assumptions.}}}

  • There is no air resistance.

  • Take Acceleration due to gravity = 10 ms2\purple{\underline{\text{Acceleration due to gravity = 10 ms}^{-2}}}

  • Potential energy at the surface of the Earth =0=0

  • This problem is not original, but the graph is plotted and edited by me.

  • I will be very glad and grateful if you post a solution.


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