Mayank and Akul meet an old friend

Sanchit was observing Mayank and Akul playing catch. He notices that Mayank can throw a ball, a maximum \(R\) distance away from him. So if Akul stands beyond a distance \(R\), they face trouble playing the game.

One fine day it rains so heavily that Mayank and Akul are seperated by a distance of \(3R\). Now in order to play, Mayank must be obviously raised to some height. They seek help from their spectator Sanchit who cleverly explains them the minimum height to which Mayank must be raised.

Can you play the role of Sanchit and help them?

If the answer is \(kR\). Find \(k\).

Details and Assumptions :

  1. In the game of catch, two parties stand at some distance and throw a ball towards each other.

  2. There are no restrictions on Akul's strength

  3. The credit for this problem goes to Sanchit Aggarwal.

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Mayank and Akul


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