Men, Children and professions, confusing?

Four men--A, B, C, and D--are a sales executive, an accountant, a lawyer, and a doctor, NOT in the same order. They are accompanied by their children--P, Q, R, and S (also not in same order)--of which two are boys and two are girls, to a magic show. Each person is with one child.

  1. D and B came with their sons and none of them is a sales executive or a doctor.
  2. P is not the doctor's daughter.
  3. Q is not B's son.
  4. R's father is not an accountant.
  5. S is not C's daughter.

Based on this data, answer the questions below:

(1) Who is Q's father and what is he?
(2) If R and P are cousins, which two men are brothers?


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