Minimum Number Of Rooks

Find the smallest positive integer \(k\) for which the following statement is true.

Suppose \(k\) rooks are placed on a \(2014 \times 2014\) chessboard. Then, there must exist three rooks, call them \(r_1, r_2, r_3,\) such that \(r_1\) attacks \(r_2,\) \(r_3\) also attacks \(r_2\), but \(r_1\) doesn't attack \(r_3\).

Details and assumptions

  • Two rooks are said to attack each other if they lie on the same row or same column.
  • The \(k\) rooks are placed on distinct cells, i.e. a cell contains at most one rook.
  • The given condition must hold for any configuration of \(k\) rooks.
  • This problem is not original.
Image credit: Wikipedia Siren-Com

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