Mininizing tension

A heavy horizontal girder of length \(L\) has several objects hung from it.It is supported by a frictionless pivot at one end and a cable of neglegible weight that is attached to a I beam, at a point directly above girder's center at height \(H\). Where should the other end of the cable be attached to the girder so that the cable’s tension is minimum (Hint: In evaluating and presenting your answer, don’t forget that the maximum distance of the point of attachment from the pivot is the length\( L \) of the beam.)?

The answer can be expressed as \(\dfrac{p}{q}.H^x.L^y\)

Find \(p+q+x+y\)


  • Please upload a solution.

  • \(p,q\) are coprime.

  • what could be the case if \(h \leq \dfrac{L}{2}\)


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