Mission JEE!

The radius of the orbit of an electron in a Hydrogen-like atom is \(4.5a_0\), where \(a_0\) is the Bohr's radius. It's orbital angular momentum is \(\frac{3h}{2\pi}\). It is given that \(h\) is Planck's constant and \(R\) is Rydberg constant. The possible wavelengths when the atom de-excites is/are:-

1) \(\frac{9}{32R}\)

2) \(\frac{9}{16R}\)

3) \(\frac{9}{5R}\)

4) \(\frac{4}{3R}\)

NOTE: To submit the answer: If the answer is 1,4 enter answer as 14. If the answer is 2,3,4 enter answer as 234, means concatenate your options in the increasing order.


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