Mistakes do give rise to problems


In the above cryptogram BOBBOB is divided by DADDAD to obtain a recurring decimal 0.HULKHULKHULK0.HULKHULKHULK\dots which has repeating period of four digits (HULK)(HULK). Furthermore, gcd(BOB,DAD)=1 \gcd(BOB, DAD) = 1 .

Compute B+O+D+A+H+U+L+KB+O+D+A+H+U+L+K.

Details And Assumptions:

  • B,O,D,A,H,U,L,KB,O,D,A,H,U,L,K represent distinct digits.

  • BOBBOB and DADDAD are three digit numbers.

Recently I was attempting Nihar's Problem and misread 1 statement of his question. This alternate problem is shown here since I'm a crappy person and don't want my efforts to be going down the drain.

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