Mistakes give rise to Problems- 11

Geometry Level 4

In maths we see the following property for multiplication of numbers,a(b×c)=b×a(c)\color{#20A900}{a(b\times c) = b\times a(c)}

But if you do that here, sin(3×a)=3×sin(a)\sin (3\times a) = 3\times \sin (a) then it will be a Big Mistake !!!\color{#D61F06}{\textbf{Big Mistake !!!}}

But for how many angles a\color{#3D99F6}{a} such that 100a100-100\leq a \leq 100, is the above said "false" property seen to be "true" ?

Details and assumptions:-

Angle measuring a\color{#3D99F6}{a} is actually measuring " a\color{#3D99F6}{a} radians"

This problem is a part of my set Mistakes Give Rise to Problems


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