Logic Level 4

There are 108 108 points on a circle with the names A(0),A(1),,A(107) A(0), A(1), \ldots , A(107) . For future reference, let points A(n) A(n) and A(n+108) A(n+108) refer to the same point for any integer nn .

Now Hugo enters the game with his big pockets filled with money. He places money with a positive integer value on each point, so that the sum of the value of the money placed on the points A(n),A(n+1),A(n+2),,A(n+18),A(n+19) A(n), A(n+1), A(n+2), \dots , A(n+18), A(n+19) equals 1000 1000 for every integer n n with 0n107 0 \le n \le 107 .

Now by coincidence, the value of the money placed on the points A(1),A(19),A(50) A(1), A(19), A(50) equals 1,19,501, 19, 50 .

Can you compute now the value of the money Hugo placed on field A(100) A(100) ? Type its value in the answer field.


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