Rotation + Magnetism = Rotatism

Consider an Thin Conducting Rod of Length L which start's Rotating about an fixed Point P(L,0) in X-Y plane. Initially Rod is on X-axis at an distance of L from origin.(As shown)

There is an infinitely long wire on entire Y-axis. And current is flowing Through this wire is I0{ I }_{ 0 }

This Rod is rotated By an external agent with Constant angular velocity ω\omega . Then Find the Magnitude of Motional EMF develop between the Point 'P' and centre of the rod at the instant when rod is rotated by an angle θ=600\theta ={ 60 }^{ 0 }

Details and Assumptions

\bullet Long wire and Conducting Rod are Placed in X-Y plane.

\bullet Rod is Rotated By an external agent so that it can definitely move with constant angular velocity.

\bullet EMF means electro motive Force.

Use following data

I0=4×107Amp.ω=4rad/sL=4m\bullet { I }_{ 0 }\quad =4{ \times 10 }^{ 7 }\quad Amp.\\ \bullet \omega =4\quad rad/s\\ \bullet L=4\quad m.

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