Rotation + Magnetism = Rotatism

Consider an Thin Conducting Rod of Length L which start's Rotating about an fixed Point P(L,0) in X-Y plane. Initially Rod is on X-axis at an distance of L from origin.(As shown)

There is an infinitely long wire on entire Y-axis. And current is flowing Through this wire is \({ I }_{ 0 }\)

This Rod is rotated By an external agent with Constant angular velocity \(\omega \). Then Find the Magnitude of Motional EMF develop between the Point 'P' and centre of the rod at the instant when rod is rotated by an angle \(\theta ={ 60 }^{ 0 }\)

Details and Assumptions

\(\bullet \) Long wire and Conducting Rod are Placed in X-Y plane.

\(\bullet \) Rod is Rotated By an external agent so that it can definitely move with constant angular velocity.

\(\bullet \) EMF means electro motive Force.

Use following data

\(\bullet { I }_{ 0 }\quad =4{ \times 10 }^{ 7 }\quad Amp.\\ \bullet \omega =4\quad rad/s\\ \bullet L=4\quad m\).

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