Moving in an Electric Field

The above left shows a particle with \(-q\) of electric charge moving to the right on a straight line in an electric field area. If the above right is the graph of the electric potential of this charged particle for different positions, which of the following explanations is NOT correct? (Ignore forces other than the electric force and the generation of electromagnetic waves.)

a) The direction of the electric field at \(d\) is opposite to the moving direction of the charged particle.

b) The charged particle shows a uniformly accelerated motion from \(d\) to \(2d\).

c) The strength of the electric field at position \(d\) is weaker than that at position \(2.5d\).

d) The directions of the electric forces that the charged particle receives at position \(d\) and position \(2.5d\) are the same.


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