Moving Wedge

A wedge of mass M=4 kgM = 4 \text{ kg} and a particle of mass m=2 kgm = 2\text{ kg} are arranged as shown in above figure. The wedge is semicircular, has radius R=80 mR = 80\text{ m} and is free to move\text{free to move}. Find time period=T\text{time period} = T of above system in seconds\text{seconds}.

Enter answer as TT.

Details and Assumptions

  • All surfaces are smooth\color{#3D99F6}{\text{smooth}}

  • Take acceleration due to gravity g=10m/s2\color{#3D99F6}{g = 10m/s^2}.

  • Wedge is free to move\color{#3D99F6}{\text{free to move}}

Inspiration Aniket Sanghi

All of my problems are original


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