Murder in the Bedroom

Level 1

You are a policeman. It is currently 11:00 in the morning. You hear a sudden scream from a house at the end of the block (but out of your eyesight), and run to the house. A Mr. Cornelius Brown has just been murdered in his bedroom! This is a shame. You knew Mr. Brown, and he was an avid football fan. In fact, today is Super Bowl Sunday (the day of America's football championship). Because of your excellent detective skills, you have narrowed the suspects down to the wife, the maid, the bartender, the dog-walker, and the uncle.

Below are statements made by the suspects.

The wife: "Well, since today is the Super Bowl, I was in the kitchen preparing chips and dip for our party later today."

The maid: "The mailman just came by, so I was getting the mail."

The bartender: "I just went to the store to buy soda for the party."

The dog-walker: "I was walking the dog."

The uncle burps before saying: "I was using the toilet."

After a moment of thought, you figure out which suspect is lying and arrest them for murder.

Who was it?


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