My Valentine's day problem

Logic Level 1

Eight friends are going to the eighth-grade Valentine’s Dance together. None of the couples’ names start with the same letter, no one dates someone with the same color eyes, and none of the sweethearts are the same age, and they are all in a heterosexual relationship.

Edward (12) and Leah (11) have blue eyes.
Liam (11) and Esme (13) have brown eyes.
Sam (13) and Bella (12) have green eyes.
Brady (12) and Sasha (13) have hazel eyes.

Whose date is Sasha?

Edward, Liam, Sam and Brady are boys.
Leah, Esme, Bella and Sasha are girls.

(Bonus points if you can identify the source of all these names!)

Image credit: Flickr roanokecollege

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