#MyInterests - Origami

Geometry Level 5

Origami is the ancient art of paper folding, which dates back all the way to the creation of paper! Not only is origami a marvelous art form, it is one of the best example of mathematics at work.

I have been doing origami for 10 years now, starting from simple, 2- fold boats and cranes, to doing origamis like Kamiya Satoshi's Phoenix, Ancient Dragon, and his over 1000-fold Ryu-Jin (Kamiya Satoshi is known to make the world's most difficult origami).

Origami creators show how to make their origami in two ways. One is the classic step-by-step guidance. However, that is time-consuming for the author. For more advanced origamis, origami masters publish crease patterns. Crease patterns are a lay out of the creases required to make the final model. Many thing can be inferred from a crease pattern.

Above is the crease pattern of Robert J. Lang's scorpion, a relatively easy model. By imagining how the creases coincide, can you tell me how many appendages the scorpion will have?

If there is not enough information, give the answer as 00


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