Never hang out with cannibals - Part 2

Logic Level 3

4 anthropologists are trying to cross a river, and they have a boat that can only fit 2 people.

However, just as they are about to get into the boat, they are greeted by 4 cannibals. The cannibals will allow them to cross, but state that "If at any point in time, there are (strictly) more cannibals on one side of the river than anthropologists, then the cannibals will eat all of the anthropologists on that side."

What is the most number of anthropologists that can get across the river?

Note: We do not care about the number of cannibals that can get across.
Someone will need to row the boat back.
All 8 people are able to row the boat individually.
Include embarking/disembarking considerations. If you have 2 anthropologists rowing towards 3 cannibals, then no matter what the 2 anthropologists will be eaten.


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