Mechanics - 1

Two blocks of mass \(\text{5 kg}\) and \(\text{3 kg}\) are suspended from a pulley with string \(A\). The pulley is hung from ceiling through another string \(B\). The tension in strings \(A\) and \(B\) are \(T_A\) and \(T_B\) newtons respectively. The blocks move with an acceleration \(a \text{ m/s}^2\).

Find the sum of the magnitudes of \(a\), \(T_A\), and \(T_B\).

Assumptions and Details:

  • Both strings are massless and inextensible.
  • The pulley is massless and frictionless between the strings and pulley.
  • Acceleration due to gravity \(g = \text{10 m/s}^2\).

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