NH-3 to IIT(Chemistry)

Chemistry Level 4

We are well aware of Sn1 reactions.Identify which of the following is correct about Sn1

(CH3)3-C-Cl in water(for part 1 and 2)

1-number of transition state in Sn1 Reaction is 2.

2-number of intermediate in Sn1 reaction is 1.

3-In Sn1 always 100% racemization take place.

4-The rate of Sn1 is unaffected by identity of nucleophile.

5-polar protic solvents favours Sn1 over Sn2.

6-pure water is best solvent for any compound to carry out sn1 because of it's high dielectric constant.

7-Addition of sparing soluble salts does not catalyse reaction.

write the answer as the product of correct options. for eg if 1,3,4 are correct then P=12


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