No Knaves, No Knights

Logic Level 2

You have been awoken in an island full of people. A voice has been greeting your mind to certain information.

"All of these people surrounding you are jokers. I am a knight. You don't belong here, and I will help you get back to your world and your memory will return." said the voice.

Upon exploration, you find a secret underground basement, leading to 5 different portals. With knowledge, the voice tells you that one of these is the portal to your world.

You ask a random group of people about the basement. They respond with simple sentences.

Person 1: Person 2 is not lying.

Person 2: Person 3 is lying.

Person 3: Person 4, 5 and 7 tell the truth.

Person 4: The first portal leads to your world.

Person 5: Person 6 is lying.

Person 6: The third portal leads to your world.

Person 7: The fourth portal leads to your world.

Person 8: Only four of us are speaking the truth.

The voice in your mind tells you that Person 1 and Person 8 are speaking the truth.

Determine all of the people who are lying.


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