Noah’s ark

Logic Level 4

After Noah finished building the ark the animals on the surface of earth came to the ark, and Noah counted 300 species, 300 males and 300 females. God told Noah that when placing the animals in cages he has to obey the following rules:

• There can’t be more than 2 carnivores in one cage

• Two animals pertaining to the same species can’t be in a cage

• The number of herbivores in a cage can’t be even

• Carnivores and herbivores can’t stay in the same cage

Obeying ONLY these rules determine which is the number of carnivores and herbivores in Noah’s ark and what is the minimum number of cages required to place all the animals in cages?

Note: If your answer is Carnivores: 46, Herbivores: 554, Cages: 50 give your answer like this: “4655450”. Please respect this answering order


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