Not always adorable!

A natural number mm is adorable if you can write it as sum of three natural numbers m=a+b+cm = a+b+c such that (2a),(3b),(4c) (2 \mid a), (3 \mid b), (4 \mid c) .

Find the sum of all natural numbers which are not adorable.

Details and assumptions:

  • aba\mid b means aa divides bb, i.e. bb is divisible by aa.

  • As an explicit example, the number 1111 is adorable because 11=4+3+411 = 4+3+4, and 24;33,44 2\mid 4 ; 3\mid 3 , 4\mid 4. But the number 77 is not adorable because you can't find such a,b,ca,b,c.


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