Not so crowded families

Logic Level 4

In a restaurant, there are a number of families each made from a wife, a husband and their children.

Try to determine how many families and how many boys and girls are in the restaurant knowing the following facts.

a) The number of the children is greater than those of adults.

b) There are more adults than boys.

c) The number of boys is greater than the number of girls.

d) The number of the girls is greater than the number of families.

e) Each family has at least one child.

f) There is no family with the same number of children.

g) Each girl has at least one brother.

h) Each girl has at most one sister.

i) One family has more children than the sum of the number of children of the other families considered anyway.

Enter your answer as \(F \times B^G +1\), where F , B , G are the number of families , boys and also of girls anyway.

Of course it is considered that the husband and wife are adults.


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