OCR A Level: Mechanics 2 - Projectile Motion [June 2009 Q7]

Classical Mechanics Level pending

A ball is projected with an initial speed of \(17 \text{m s}^{−1}\) at an angle of \(25°\) below the horizontal from a point on the top of a vertical wall. The point of projection is \(8 \text{m}\) above horizontal ground. The ball hits a vertical fence which is at a horizontal distance of \(9 \text{m}\) from the wall (see diagram).

\((\text{i})\) Calculate the height above the ground of the point where the ball hits the fence.

\((\text{ii})\) Calculate the direction of motion of the ball immediately before it hits the fence.

\((\text{iii})\) It is given that 30% of the kinetic energy of the ball is lost when it hits the fence. Calculate the speed of the ball immediately after it hits the fence.

Input your answer to part \((\text{iii})\), correct to 3 significant figures.

There are 5 marks available for part (i), 5 marks for part (ii) and 4 marks for part (iii).
In total, this question is worth 19.4% of all available marks in the paper.

This is part of the set OCR A Level Problems.

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