Help! Hiker stucked!

Classical Mechanics Level 4

A \(80 \text{kg}\) hiker is trapped on a mountain ledge following a storm calling for help.

Then, a helicopter rescues the hiker by hovering above him and lowering a cable to him. The mass of cable is \(8\text{kg}\), and its length is \(15 \text{m}\). A sling of mass \( 70 \text{kg} \) is attached to the end of the cable. The hiker attaches himself to the sling, and the helicopter then accelerates upward.

Terrified by hanging from the cable in mid-air, the hiker tried to signal the pilot by sending transverse pulses up the cable. It takes the pulse of \(0.25 \) seconds to travel the length of the cable.

what is the acceleration of the helicopter?


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