OOP Analysis

A Designer is provided with the following statement of requirements by their customer, amongst a larger set of requirements :

The company has multiple warehouses, and each has location (street address) and a manager. Each product has a bar-code and products can be stored in a warehouse, removed from a warehouse or transferred between warehouses. Each product has a specific location (floor/shelf) within each warehouse.

Based on this single statement, which of the following describes a reasonable initial design :

  1. There is a location class with a warehouse and manager fields which has a transfer method. There is a bar-code class with a product field. The bar-code class has a store and remove method.
  2. There is a product class with a bar-code field. There is a warehouse class with location and manager fields and store, remove and transfer methods.
  3. There are no obvious classes, methods or data fields that can be derived from that statement.
  4. There are store, remove and transfer classes. Each of these classes have warehouse and product fields.

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