Op Amp Impedance Matching

A \(\SI{1}{\volt}\) DC voltage source with an internal resistance of \(\SI{10}{\ohm}\) is used to drive a \(\SI{1}{\ohm}\) load. Because of the source-load impedance mismatch (10 to 1), the circuit has relatively poor power transfer to the load.

To increase the load power, a more elaborate circuit is constructed, as shown below.

The operational amplifier (op amp) used in this circuit is ideal, which means that it has the following properties:

  • the voltages at the (\(+\)) and (\(-\)) terminals are identical;
  • the currents into/out of the (\(+\)) and (\(-\)) terminals are zero.

The op amp has its own \(\SI{5}{\volt}\) DC power supply.

What is the ratio of the load power in the second circuit to the load power in the first circuit?

As a bonus, what would be an appropriate name for this op amp configuration?

Note: The curved line coming out of \(V_{DC-}\) indicates that an electrical connection is not made there with the feedback line.


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