Looks are superficial, or are they?

Logic Level 3

Four siblings --Alfred, Brenda, Charles and Darius-- were comparing themselves based on six different physical attributes - age, height, weight, hair length, spectacle degree and fairness of skin.


  1. Charles has the second fairest skin and is the oldest.
  2. Alfred is the second tallest and is the lightest in weight.
  3. Darius has the second longest hair.
  4. Brenda has the second highest spectacle degree.
  5. The heaviest sibling also has the highest spectacle degree.
  6. Charles has longer hair than Alfred.
  7. The person with the longest hair is the third born child.
  8. Brenda is shorter than Alfred.
  9. The darkest person also has the lowest spectacle degree.
  10. The shortest person is heavier than Brenda.
  11. Charles has a higher spectacle degree than Darius.
  12. The tallest person was born just before the shortest person.
  13. The person with the fairest skin was born just before the person with the darkest skin.

Rank the four siblings from the one with the darkest skin to the one with the fairest skin.


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