Organic compounds

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Identify the correct statements

Compound A is an organic compound which is obtained by dry distilling Toluene with \(\ce{Zn}\). Compound B gives violet colouration with neutral Ferric chloride,which is industrially obtained from cumene (isopropyl benzene). B on treatment with \(\ce{NaOH}\), carbondioxide under certain conditions of temperature &pressure followed by hydrolysis gives C.

Then which of these is/are correct?

1.B is also obtained by boiling aqueous soln of benzene diazonium chloride.

2.A has 4n+1 pi electrons.

3.C gives violet colouration with neutral Ferric chloride and it decolourises Br water.

4.B is used as an antiseptic.

5.A is isostructural with borazine.

6.A,B,C are optically active.

7.C on decarboxylation gives hydrogen and carbondioxide.

8.All are correct.


Enter your answers as sum of correct options. eg.If options 4,5,6 are correct then enter as 4+5+6=15.


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