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Chemistry Level 4

Choose the correct statements and add their numbers.

  1. Nitrogen occurs in the minerals of the apatite family which are the main components of phosphate rocks.
  2. Melting point of arsenic is greater than that of antimony.
  3. Phosphine becomes inflammable owing to the presence of \(\ce{NH3}\) and \(\ce{P4}\) vapours.
  4. Decreasing order of stability of oxides formed by halogens is \(\ce{I -> Br -> Cl}\).
  5. Helium has the lowest boiling point of any known substance.
  6. The most stable form of carbon is fullerene.
  7. \(\ce{Mn2O7}\) is acidic oxide inspite being a metal oxide.
  8. \(\ce{HCl}\) is used in the preparation of poisonous gases like phosgene and tear gas.

Inspired by: Aniket Sanghi

Information source: NCERT


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