Origami Paper Popping Time!

Suppose you folded three rectangular papers of different sizes and same densities into origami paper poppers, as instructed above. Let \(A\) be the smallest popper, \(B\) the medium popper, and \(C\) the largest popper. The goal is to have the inner flaps appear outside, as shown below:

If you are to apply the same force for each popper without tucking the inner flaps out, what can be said about their popping outcomes?

Details and Assumptions:

  • The creases of all three poppers are applied with the same amount of force.
  • The swings are executed in the same constant motion for all three poppers.
  • Your fingers still hold the tip of the popper after flicking it.
  • Neglect air resistance.

Image Credit: Wikimedia, Simply Bliss Life

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