Parametrics 1

Classical Mechanics Level pending

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a baseball game. The RC's were up 98-2 against the FG's. The FG's pitcher, Greycen, was a horrible pitcher. Greycen's pitches lobbed a lot, and were too easy to hit. One pitch that Greycen threw was with a vertical speed of 10 feet per second, thrown 2 feet off the ground (Greycen was very short). The same pitch had a horizontal speed of 0.01 feet per second. This situation can be modeled with the parametric equation. How far away did the pitch land from the pitcher?


  1. All gravity/friction physics stuff can be equal to \(16 t^{2}\).

  2. The ball lands at a height of zero (you are essentially trying to find the horizontal distance the ball traveled before hitting the ground).

  3. Round all calculations to the nearest hundred thousandth (even the in-between calculations).


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