Partitioned Paintings

Carmen has decided that the inside of her home needs to be refurnished, so she went out to buy some cans of paint (red, blue, green, yellow, indigo) so that she can redecorate five rooms over the course of the next five weeks. Every week she intends to paint a different room such that each room will be painted with a different color. Using the information given below, find the color that will be painted on the hallway.

  1. The kitchen is to be painted red and Carmen will undertake this work earlier than the repainting of the hallway, a job she doesn't intend to do in week 4. The green paint isn't for the hallway.

  2. The blue paint will be used the week before the bathroom is freshened up, but the week after the green paint.

  3. The indigo paint will be used earlier than the color Carmen has chosen for her bedroom.

  4. Carmen will be repainting her bedroom earlier than her living room.


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