Pascal triangle just got better

Discrete Mathematics Level 3

What will be the value of the \(10^\text{th}\) expression (applying operation from left to right).

\[\begin{array} {lc} \text{First expression} & 1 \\ \text{Second expression} &1\div1 \\ \text{Third expression} & 1\div2\div1 \\ \text{Fourth expression} & 1\div3\div3\div1\\ \text{Fifth expression} & 1\div4\div6\div4\div1\\ \text{Sixth expression} & 1\div5\div10\div10\div5\div1\\ \text{Seventh expression} & 1\div6\div15\div20\div15\div6\div1 \end{array} \]

If you are getting answer like \(\times10^{a}\) after correction to three decimal places, then enter it as \(w.xyzE+a\)

Clarification: \(E\) represents E notation


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