Perils of Pauline-HOW FAST SHE CAN RUN?

Algebra Level 4

Pauline was walking through a train tunnel on her way to town. Suddenly, she heard the whistle of a train approaching from behind her!

Pauline knew that the train always traveled at an even 60 miles per hour. She also knew that she was exactly three-eighths of the way through the tunnel. She could tell from the train whistle how far the train was from the tunnel.

Pauline wasn't sure if she should run forward as fast as she could or run back to the near end of the tunnel.

She did some lightning fast calculations, based on how fast she could run and the length of the tunnel. She figured out that whichever way she ran, she would just barely make it out of the tunnel before the train reached her. Whew!

How fast could Pauline run? How fast could Pauline run? ANSWER IN MPH


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