Perplexing Potential Prisoners

Logic Level 3

A robbery has been committed by a criminal and an accomplice. You have gathered 6 possible suspects: 4 innocent citizens, the criminal, and the accomplice. The citizens will always tell the truth, and the seasoned criminal will also tell the truth as their experience will cause them to play it safe in case of any lie detector sensors. However, the inexperienced accomplice will always lie to try to cover themselves. (You have intelligence that the accomplice is innocent and was forced into it by the criminal, so you are more interested in the criminal, but the accomplice does not know this and will still lie out of fear of being caught.) Assume that all of the suspects know who is who.

Aaron, Brendan, Cynthia, Derek, Esther, and Fabio all stand in a line in alphabetical order and say the following:

  • Aaron: "I'm a citizen."
  • Brendan: "Cynthia and I didn't perform the robbery together."
  • Cynthia: "Brendan is a citizen."
  • Derek: "The criminal and the accomplice are standing next to each other."
  • Esther: "The criminal is Aaron, Cynthia, or Fabio."
  • Fabio: "I'm not the murderer."

Who is the criminal?


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