Pizza Parlor

Algebra Level 3

A group of six friends are deciding what to get at the local pizza parlor.

Judy wants mozzarella sticks, and so does Cookie. 3/12 of the rest of their friends also want mozzarella sticks. Alice wants pepperoni, and 6/10 of the rest of her friends do too. 4/10 disagree, and would rather have three cheese with pesto. Everyone wants a small pizza to themselves. Diamond suggests that they have a dessert pizza afterwards, and either split a medium one or have individual single-serve dessert pizzas. 3/5 of the rest of her friends agree to the dessert pizza idea.

Arnold quickly points out that dessert pizza may not be in the budget, and urges them to check the prices on the board. The prices are as follows:

Mozzarella Sticks (single serving) - \({$3.50}\) Small Pizza - \({$4.50}\) Substitute Pesto - \({$0.50}\) Add Pepperoni - \({$1.25}\) Small Dessert Pizza - \({$5.00}\) Medium Dessert Pizza - \({$11.50}\)

Their budget is $72.50. If possible, they would prefer to get the Small Dessert Pizzas. If not, they're fine with the medium. If they can't afford the medium, they will ditch the dessert pizza idea. They are also paying 9.8% sales tax and wish to leave a 10% tip(they will calculate the tip after tax). They round to the nearest cent for their price.

Will they be able to afford dessert pizza? If so, which one? How much money will they end up spending?


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