Pizza Puzzle 2

Geometry Level 3

You and three friends: Jake, Mia, and Rafael, order a pizza to split. But, by the time you get there, only Jake's still around and he says they left 2 slices for you in the box. Can you figure out how much pizza is left for you without opening the box to check?

  • The pizza was split into 8 slices by 4 straight cuts that went through the pie's center.
  • Jake says that Rafael took the biggest slice when they first opened the box, and then the smallest slice (because he felt guilty).
  • Then, because they're such good friends and you weren't there, they decided that the biggest slice remaining should be set aside for you.
  • Then Jack took a slice and then Mia took the biggest slice unclaimed.
  • Mia's already eaten one slice, but left the second saran-wrapped for later. It measures 40 degrees at the tip.
  • Jake hasn't eaten either of his two slices yet, they're on a plate on the table: one measures 35 degrees at the tip, the other measures 45 degrees.

Jack says he'll give you his pieces if you want them instead of yours. Is Jack being greedy (because you have more pizza than him), or generous (because he has more pizza than you)?


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