Pizza War 3

Once there were two friends Kalash and Rajdeep. They decided to give a pizza party. Kalash took the responsibility of inviting people and Rajdeep took the responsibility of ordering pizza. But they forgot to discuss and decide upon the number of people and thus, the number of pizzas to be ordered!

Now, Kalash invited 576 people to the party, while Rajdeep bought just 484 pizzas. This was a big problem.

Fortunately, there was an intelligent mind present in the party, the great Harsh. He used his great wit and in a few seconds gave the solution to this problem. He presented a number \(x\) and said that \(x\) is the the minimal number of pieces of pizza that they should cut up the 484 pizzas into, such that the 576 people can each receive the same quantity of pizza.

Find \(x\).

As an explicit example, we can split the pizzas into \( 484 \times 576 \) equal slices, and distribute them so that everyone receives the same quantity of pizza.


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