Play with Polygons

For 100 - sided polygon

  1. Find the number of 20 sided polygon that can be formed in it by joining its vertices(With no side common with that of 100 - sided polygon).

    your answer can be represented as \(a \times \overset { b }{ \underset { c }{ C } } \) : C is combinatorics symbol

  2. Find the number of rectangles that can be formed by joining its vertices(Considering it to be regular(only for this case)). Let it be \(d\).

  3. Find the number of point of intersections of the diagonals in the interior of polygon such that none intersections coincide . Let it be \(e\).

Enter your answer as \( min \) { \( a + b + c + d + e\) }

Try my set : Let's play with polygons


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